Rules for holding events at the University of Vienna applicable in the winter semester 2021/2022:

  • Conference and Event Management must be notified of the planned event in advance. Mail to or fill in this form.
  • Room settings compliant with COVID-19 measures are coordinated with Conference and Event Management.
  • FFP2 face mask
    • Wearing a FFP2 face mask is mandatory in all interior spaces if more than one person is present in the room, unless all persons present have been tested or vaccinated or have recovered from a COVID-19 infection.
  • Access tests (tested, vaccinated or recovered) are mandatory from 25 participants onwards.
    • Participants older than 6 years have to present a valid access test (tested, vaccinated or recovered).
  • Mandatory registration
    • There must be compulsory (GDPR-compliant) registration for persons who will presumably be present at the event venue for more than 15 minutes.
    • People who are expected to be at the venue for more than 15 minutes must provide their name, telephone number and email address.
    • The data must be obtained from the organiser.
    • After 28 days, the data must be deleted.
      Registration is not compulsory for events with less than 100 participants if the event is mainly held outside and no catering service is offered.
  • Obligation to notify the authorities and obtain approval
    • The obligation to notify the authorities applies to events with 100 participants and more.
    • To events with more than 500 participants the obligation to notify the authorities applies and they require approval from the health authorities.
  • Catering
    • Catering is subject to the same rules as gastronomy (in german).
  • Prevention plan (in German) and COVID-19 officer (mandatory for events with more than 100 participants). Every event organiser must
  • The applicable hygiene rules and rules of conduct have to be announced on notices on site and/or communicated in advance.
  • The equipment that is needed to follow the applicable hygiene rules and rules of conduct is provided and checked by Conference and Event Management/Facility and Resources Management if required and upon request.
  • Musical interludes without singers and winds as well as rehearsals and performances of small string ensembles as part of events are permitted indoors provided that the hygiene rules and rules of conduct are observed.

The responsibility of and the risk involved in holding the event lie solely with the organiser.

Exams and teaching operations have first priority when it comes to room allocation. Once this demand is met only a limited number of rooms will be available.

Guided tours at the University of Vienna

  • The use of FFP2 masks is mandatory indoors for people older than 14 years. Children from age 6-14 are allowed to wear a facemask (MNS).

The obligation to notify the authorities applies to events with more than 100 participants, events with more than 500 require approval from the health authorities in addition

Please notify the authorities of your event by sending an e-mail to providing the following information:

    • Name and contact details (telephone number, e-mail address) of the person responsible for the event
    • Time, duration and place of the meeting
    • Purpose of the meeting
    • Number of participants  

For events with more than 100 participants the notification of the authorities must also include a prevention plan providing the following information:

  • Regulations regarding the training of employees and measures to minimise the risk of infection based on a risk assessment, in particular
  • regulations for guiding the flow of participants;
  • specific hygiene regulations;
  • regulations regarding the procedure in case of a SARS-CoV-2 infection;
  • regulations regarding the use of sanitary facilities;
  • regulations regarding the serving of food and drinks.

Events with more than 500 participants require approval from the health authorities. 

If you do not notify the authorities on your own behalf, you have to enclose a written authorisation.

Your COVID-19 contact person at the Conference and Event Management of the University of Vienna:
Falk Pastner
Head of Conference and Event Management
Phone: +43 664 60277-17600

Updated on: 17 September 2021