Events at the University of Vienna:
Please observe the following rules!

Download Rules for holding events at the University of Vienna

Keep a distance of at least 1 metre from others in all areas of the University of Vienna.

Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue or the crook of your arm when coghing or sneezing.

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Please wear a face mask and keep the minimum distance (at least 1 metre). Thank you kindly!

Do not use lifts, if possible, or use them alone.

Air out the Rooms regularly at least once every hour.

In the event of a suspected COVID-19 infection, call the hotline 1450, go home and/or stay at home.

Rules for holding events at the University of Vienna

Since June 2020, individual events have been held again at the University of Vienna. Beforehand, it is still necessary to thoroughly evaluate whether the event in question really needs to be held as an in-person event, considering the risk of contributing to the spread of COVID-19. The responsibility of and the risk involved in holding the event lie solely with the organiser. Exams and teaching operation have first priority when it comes to room allocation. Once this demand is met only a limited number of rooms will be available.

Events at the University of Vienna with no more than 100 participants may be held under the following conditions:

  • The event has been registered with the Conference and Event Management service unit.
  • The organiser has prepared a plan for holding the event (prevention strategy) that includes how the “Rules for holding events at the University of Vienna” will be adhered to.
  • The minimum distance of 1 metre is kept.
  • Everyone wears a face mask (speakers who are currently giving a presentation or persons who remain at their seat or in a specifically labelled area are not required to wear a face mask. Face masks are also not mandatory at outdoor events, as long as the minimum distance of 1 metre is kept.)
  • No food or drink is served.
  • The organiser has sole responsibility for keeping an attendance list that is in compliance with the Gen-eral Data Protection Regulation. If a participant is suspected or confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, the attendance list will be made available to authorities for contact tracing.
  • All participants are assigned labelled fixed seats.
  • Supervisors have to be selected in advance. They ensure that the event participants find and leave their seats in a controlled manner.
  • The “COVID-19 rules for university operation" of the University of Vienna as well as the responsibilities and the names of contact persons have to be displayed at the event location in both written and visual (accessible) form. (Documents for download and print:
  • Small (reduced) teams take care of the event set-up and dismantling.
  • External service providers (e.g. interpreters or technology firms) have been instructed about the hygiene measures and necessary rules of conduct before the event and have agreed to adhere to them.
  • Due to the increased hygiene requirements, additional hygiene measures have been implemented, e.g. installing disinfectant dispensers; keeping doors open permanently; regular/hourly cleaning and disinfecting of door handles, stair railings and frequently used surfaces (furniture, tables, counters, chair handles, toilets, particularly flush buttons, water taps, etc.); airing out the rooms regularly every hour.
  • Displays and devices that are to be tested by event participants are disinfected by staff after every use.
  • Methods for directing the flow of participants through the event rooms with attendants and/or other measures (e.g. floor marking, room dividers, turnstiles, signal light systems) are implemented.
  • The programme and schedule of the event are planned in a way that reduces close contact between persons (stage, performance artists).
  • Crowds forming around stalls, showcases or other attractions are dispersed.
  • It is not possible to hold department or summer parties for the foreseeable future.

Effective from 27 July 2020