Guided Tours at the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden was founded in 1754 by the Empress Maria Theresa, on the suggestion of her personal physician Gerard van Swieten. Today, it provides a habitat for around 11,000 plant species on an area of about 80,000 square metres. In addition, as a green oasis in the city, it offers a home to a variety of wildlife species, such as bees and birds.

Our guided tours in German and English provide an insight into the fascinating world of plants. Among the highlights are the rare orchids of Madagascar, a two-hundred-year-old ginkgo experiment, and an accessible bamboo grove.

The Botanical Garden is an institution of the University of Vienna. It is committed to research on the flora, university teaching and the protection of endangered species.

Weekend tours
Every Friday and Saturday from March until October.
Friday, 15:00 (English), 16:00 (German)
Saturday, 15:00 (English), 16:00 (German)
Duration: approx. 60 minutes per tour
Our guided tour provides an insight into the fascinating world of plants in the Botanic Garden. Among the highlights are the rare orchids of Madagascar, a two-hundred-year-old ginkgo experiment, and an accessible bamboo grove.

Wednesday tour
Would you like to satisfy your thirst for knowledge? Then you are welcome to visit our Wednesday tours! Researchers and experts present the treasures of our Garden, demonstrate research findings and provide deeper insights into the relevant topic in the framework of exhibitions and events.
The Wednesday tours are held in German language only, from 16:30 to 18:00. For dates, please see below.

Meeting point and admission
You do not have to register for our tours. We meet in front of the porter's lodge at the main entrance.
Tours cost
Adults: EUR 5.00
Discounted: EUR 3.00 for students, pupils, conscripts, senior citizens
Free of charge: children <6 years and members of the Society "Freunde des Botanischen Gartens"
Private Groups with less than 10 persons: EUR 50.00 in total

In case of strong wind or other extreme weather events (heavy precipitation, thaw), the tour will be cancelled.

Dates Wednesday tours

Uhrzeit: 16:30 bis 18:00

Mi, 8. Mai
Geschichte(n) aus dem Botanischen Garten

Michael Kiehn

Mi, 15. Mai
Frühling im Pannonikum
Manfred A. Fischer

Mi, 22. Mai (Ausstellungseröffnung)
Pflanzendarstellungen für die Wissenschaft
Margareta Pertl

Mi, 29. Mai
Gräser – omnipräsent und vielfach übersehen
Christian Gilli

Mi, 5. Juni
Blüten und ihre Besucher
Susanne Sontag

Mi, 12. Juni (Ausstellungseröffnung)
Forscher, Sammler, Pflanzenjäger
Michael Kiehn

Mi, 19. Juni
Neuzugänge in der Pflanzensammlung
Barbara Knickmann

Mi, 26. Juni (Ausstellungspräsentation)
Forschung im Botanischen Garten
Frank Schumacher und David Bröderbauer

Mi, 10. Juli
Reinhard Hohenegger

Mi, 24. Juli
Lebensraum für Vögel
Hanna Seelich

Mi, 7. August
Die Welt der Pflanzenwurzeln
Markus Puschenreiter

Mi, 21. August
Andreas Müller

Mi, 4. September
Siegrun Gerlach

Mi, 11. September
Evolution und Taxonomie ausgewählter Pflanzenfamilien
Manfred A. Fischer

Mi, 18. September
Der Botanische Garten zwischen 1754 und 1898
Maria Petz-Grabenbauer

Mi, 25. September
Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber

Mi, 2. Oktober
Die Pflanzenwelt der Tropen
Werner Huber

Mi, 9. Oktober
Die Gehölzsammlung
Frank Schumacher

For further information about bookings and our offers, please contact:
Janina Eislmayr
Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna
Grüne Schule
Tel.: +43-1-4277-176 03
M: +43-0-60277 56401