Exploring the Main Ceremonial Hall in virtual reality

The Main Ceremonial Hall is the heart of the ceremonial halls of the University of Vienna. Now and then the Main Ceremonial Hall is closed for guided tours.

For this reason, you can now explore the impressive Main Ceremonial Hall in virtual reality.

How to start your virtual tour:

  • Please put on a disposable hygiene mask.
  • Next, put on the virtual reality headset.
  • You can now look around the room by moving your head.
  • To move around the room, use the arrow keys on the joystick (you will walk in the direction you look).
  • To return to the starting point, press “Start” or “Select”. 

Warning: Some people may experience symptoms of motion sickness, such as nausea, disorientation, impaired vision and other symptoms. Immediately discontinue use and take off the VR headset if you experience any of these symptoms.

Children are allowed to take part in the tour only if they are 6 years or older and are accompanied by an adult.

Charge: free
Main Building of the University of Vienna, 1st floor, Oktogon