FM Systems

Persons with impaired hearing can benefit substantially from the use of FM systems.

What are FM systems?

FM systems transmit speech directly to a hearing aid. They can be used for presentation situations with a speaker on a podium, as well as for conversations. The speaker talks into a radio microphone, and the participant wears a receiver that captures the radio signals emitted by the microphone and transmits them to the hearing aid. The receiver can be worn on a neck-loop or attached directly to the hearing aid (“audio shoe”).

FM system

How are FM systems used?

With audio shoe: The radio signal is picked up by the receiver, which is attached to the hearing aid via a so-called “audio shoe”. Before the system can be used, the audio shoe and receiver have to be adjusted to the individual hearing aid. The adjustment is done by a hearing care professional.

Receiver worn around the neck: The receiver, which is worn on a neck-loop, transmits the signal to the hearing aid via electromagnetic induction. To be able to pick up the signal, the hearing aid has to contain a “telecoil”, or “T-coil”. Most hearing instruments have T-coils; in case of doubt, a hearing care professional should be consulted. When the hearing aid has a T-coil, the “T” switch has to be activated in order to receive the signal.

If your hearing aid does not contain a T-coil, you can connect earphones to the receiver on the neck-loop.