Exhibition Services

Imparting knowledge and doing research in many different fields and disciplines are two central tasks of any university. But often the content and results of this work are only disseminated to a limited number of experts. Presenting academic endeavours in an exhibition is one option for reaching out beyond the expert circles and engaging with a wider public. Conference and Event Management will be happy to assist you in planning and managing exhibitions of all kinds, from the presentation of academic work, display of collections to travelling exhibitions, or poster sessions in the context of congresses and other meetings.

We will find the right place for your exhibition and consult with you on the most suitable format and presentation systems, as well as assisting with setting up and dismantling the exhibition and organising permit application processes and site safety inspections. It goes without saying that we will also help you plan your opening event.

 Exhibition Areas

Other Locations

Floor plans of the exhibition areas at other locations are not yet available. For further information and on-site tours, please contact Dipl.-Ing. Florian Krug or Nikolaus Ortner.