Abstract management

Speakers should be able to easily access submissions online. Following online review of abstracts (according to our evaluation system), a committee can allocate submissions to specific conference sessions. Oral presentations become poster presentations and vice versa. At the end of the review process, the submissions can be printed as a „Book of Abstracts“.

  • Call for Papers
    During the Call for Papers, speakers can easily submit abstracts for presentation online. Abstracts can either be uploaded or submitted as plain text.
  • Abstract Reviews
    Abstracts can be assigned to a committee (or single person) to be reviewed and evaluated online.
  • Sorting / categorising
    of contributions The names of speakers can be grouped under defined headings (e.g. by topic, author, evaluation), to which abstracts / contributions can then be allocated.
  • Reports and Statistics
    The current status of the submitted abstracts and the review process can be checked online at any time.
  • Print
    You can download various files, such as the Book of Abstract, via a link.