Event organisation step by step

This step-by-step guide provides a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of planning and holding an academic event at the University of Vienna. It provides instructions on how to successfully organise an event in 12 steps.

1. Booking a room

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Reserve premises that meet the needs and requirements of your event. Send a written request to event@univie.ac.at with a brief description of the title, type and topic of the event, spatial and, if applicable, technical requirements, expected number of persons and the desired date and location.


2. Ordering equipment and furniture

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Inform us about the technical equipment and furniture required for your event. We advise you which standard technology and equipment is available in the rooms you have booked. If necessary, you can rent additional equipment and furniture through us. We will also be happy to get a quote from external service companies upon your request. This service is particularly popular for planned academic exhibitions.

3. Informing us about the number of required staff

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Please contact us if you need staff support for your event. We place, organise and coordinate staff for set-up and alteration work, event support, technical support, audio and video recordings, childcare, transport services, cloakroom, cleaning and security staff as well as photographers, decorators and musicians.

4. Ordering catering

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If necessary, you can order catering and provide us with the catering provider’s contact details. This helps us coordinate the transport to and from the event location without any problems and clarify information about the required infrastructure and catering requirements (e.g. electricity, water or manipulation area). To meet the culinary needs you can hire a catering provider of your choice for your event, but we can also advise you on selecting a catering company and getting you a quote.

5. On-site viewing of the event location

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Get an idea of your event location and come along with us to visit the premises you have reserved. If necessary, we recommend that you also invite your caterer to the agreed viewing date in order to clarify concrete and room-specific questions on site.

6. Booking conference services

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Do you need support with abstract handling, participant administration, the conference website or hotel reservations? Our colleagues from our Conference Service will be happy to help.

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