Frequently Asked Questions

 Booking a room


  • How do I reserve a room?

    Send a written request to with a brief description of the title, type and topic of the event, spatial and, if applicable, technical requirements, expected number of persons and the desired date and location. A member of our staff will get in touch with you immediately. As soon as suitable premises have been identified, we will send you a preliminary overview of services based on your stated requirements, followed by a corresponding request form. If the event is approved, the application will be countersigned by the Conference and Event Management and returned to the e-mail address you provided.


    You can find a detailed overview of the planning and organising of academic events at the University of Vienna here.


  • At which locations can I book rooms for events?

    Numerous rooms at various locations of the University of Vienna are suitable for events. Of the more than 60 locations available, the Main Building (HG), the Campus of the University of Vienna (UC) and the university buildings at Währinger Strasse 29 (W29) and Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 (OMP) in particular offer an ideal setting for Events.

  • Which rooms can I book for events?

    Our event rooms can be used the whole year round. During periods when there are no classes or exams, course rooms (lecture halls, seminar rooms and computer rooms) are also available for academic Events.

  • Can I book course rooms for an event during the semester too?

    The rooms and premises of the University of Vienna are primarily available for research and teaching purposes. During the periods when there are classes and exams priority is given to courses in the lecture halls, seminar rooms and computer rooms. It is possible to make short-term bookings of lecture halls during periods when there are classes and exams via the Facility and Resource Management provided that these rooms are available.

  • What deadlines do I have to observe when booking event rooms?

    There are no deadlines for booking event rooms. In principle, rooms are booked after the requests have been received. We generally recommend booking event rooms as early as possible in order to ensure that the desired rooms are available for the desired period. Especially in the case of events that occur on a regular basis (every month, semester, year, etc.), the desired dates (also several years in a row) must be booked in good time. You are not entitled to book rooms or dates that have not been explicitly requested and confirmed by the Conference and Event Management with an approved request.

 Event organisation


  • How do I organise an event?

    Find a guideline here.

  • Which events are not approved?

    Generell gilt, dass Veranstaltungen, die (a) fragwürdigen Inhalts sind, (b) den Interessen und dem Selbstverständnis der Universität Wien widersprechen, (c) potenzielle Gefahren für Personen, Gebäude und/oder den universitären Betrieb aufweisen, nicht genehmigungsfähig sind. Events that are of questionable content, conflict with the interest and the self-image of the University of Vienna, pose potential risks to persons, the building and/or university operations, are not eligible for approval.


  • Why are there no private celebrations (weddings, birthday parties, private parties, etc.), no events organised by political parties or religious ceremonies in the Arcaded Courtyard or on other premises of the University?

    The premises of the University of Vienna are reserved for university and scientific Events.

  • Do student parties have to be registered?

    Yes, student parties can either be applied via the ÖH (University, Faculty and Student Representations) or via organisational units (or subunits) of the University of Vienna by naming a responsible contact person with corresponding contact data.

  • Is there an exclusive catering cooperation for events at the University of Vienna?

    No, you can hire the catering company of your choice. However, we would ask you to provide us with the contact details of your catering contact person so that we can clarify the transport to and from the event, the required infrastructure, etc. You can find our recommendations of catering providers with whom we have worked well in recent years here.

  • Can you recommend a catering company, childcare service, photographers, musicians, decorators, etc. ?

    Here you can find a list of our partners and cooperations with whom we have worked together for many years and have had good experience with.




  • Why do I need an event supervisor?

    The event supervisor takes care of locking and troubleshooting, supports you in the event of unforeseen problems and acts as an interface to external service providers.



  • Is there a price list?

    Individual price lists are available on request at the following e-mail address: