Sustainable events

Sustainability in the event business

A guideline for academic events, conferences and congresses at the University of Vienna

The present guideline serves to demonstrate several of the manifold and easy opportunities to make events more sustainable and to encourage people to implement these opportunities.

Congresses and meetings, conferences, gala events, athletic competitions, concerts – many people travel regularly on business or go abroad for specific events in other regions or cities. Conferences and other events are a major economic factor for Austria and an important source of expert know-how; they provide platforms for professional and social contacts and can bring personal emotional enrichment to participants. But large events require a substantial amount of resources and cause ecologically harmful emissions. However, also organisers of conferences and events are increasingly committed to protecting the climate, stimulating the regional economy and ensuring social sustainability.

Sustainable events and various certifications or labels, such as ‘Green Meetings’, ‘Green Events’ or ‘ÖkoEvent (PLUS)’, are increasingly gaining importance.

For the Conference and Event Management team at the University of Vienna, sustainability is not only a trend or a pure mandate that must be implemented, but a guiding principle for all areas of life. We scrutinise our own lifestyle and are convinced that anybody can contribute their share, starting with themselves. We do not only recommend but actually live a sustainable, responsible work- and lifestyle.

Contribute your share and have your meeting or event certified.

As an Eco-Label licensee, the University of Vienna is happy to support you in implementing your ‘Green Meeting’ or ‘Green Event’ in accordance with the criteria of the Austrian Eco-Label.

If you do not want to certify your event, you can also organise your event under the ‘ÖkoEvent (PLUS)’ label.

However, a successful event does not depend on a certification or label. We have compiled guidelines for organising sustainable events also without a ‘Green Meeting’, ‘Green Event’ or ‘ÖkoEvent (PLUS)’ certification or label.





  • Certification
  • Licensee necessary
  • for events all over Austria
  • Communication necessary from the start
  • List of criteria: very extensive
  • Points system (minimum number of points)
  • Free at the University of Vienna (otherwise subject to a charge)
  • Label
  • No licensee necessary
  • For events in Vienna
  • Decision for label possible at short notice
  • List of criteria: less extensive
  • At least 50 % of the optional criteria must be met
  • Free of charge

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