Sustainability in the event sector

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Mission statement of Conference and Event Management for sustainable event management at the University of Vienna

We design events in the present that do not restrict the opportunities of future generations.

We reduce the use of resources and emissions.We raise awareness of sustainable actions as part of event organisation and implementation and contribute to increased awareness among society.

We are aware that events affect the environment, climate and local communities in many ways.

It is our responsibility to take the severe consequences into account and minimise the risks in this context.

We aim to ensure that events are ecologically sustainable and socially just, that they are designed in accordance with a deliberate use of resources, and that they leave a lasting positive impression on everyone.

We are committed to gradually increasing the number of sustainable events at the University of Vienna.

Our aim is that sustainable events become a standard at the University of Vienna.Our events should meet the demands of our customers and contribute to a sustainable future at the same time.

We are committed to considering the following aspects when planning and implementing events:

Mobility: We recommend event organisers and participants to use environmentally friendly event locations and travel options. We recommend the Wiener Linien Congress Ticket, which enables participants to make unlimited use of all means of public transport in Vienna (Kernzone Wien) for the entire duration of the event, as well as the bike-sharing offer.

Energy and climate: We recommend event organisers to prepare an energy and climate protection plan for large events. We recommend using energy-efficient devices, natural ventilation and optimal use of natural light.

Food and beverages: We ensure that ecologically produced, organic regional and seasonal food, as well as vegetarian and vegan alternatives are offered and excess is avoided. We refer to the excellent quality of Viennese tap water.

Waste: To avoid waste, we always recommend the use of reusable cups and plates, limiting the use of promotional items and avoiding give-aways and flyers. Waste that cannot be avoided must be collected and disposed of separately.

Noise: To reduce noise, we recommend using low-performance speakers and placing them properly, as well as explicitly asking visitors to be considerate.

Equipment: We pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly and durable materials that can be repaired or recycled or disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Social aspects: We promote inclusion and social participation. It is important to us that events are planned with accessibility in mind. With proactive movement management and planning of visitor flows, we ensure the safety and health of all.
We ensure that we work with partners who take social responsibility and provide fair working conditions.
Economy: We prefer regional service providers and (reusable) products from the region. We ensure efficient resource use and fair and transparent event costs.

Extreme weather: Climate change affects events as well. We take it into account and develop a plan for dealing with extreme weather events, such as heavy rain and heat waves.

Communication: We see it as our responsibility to inform our customers about the importance of sustainable events and to support them in implementing appropriate measures. We motivate visitors to follow the same path. For large events, we involve residents and other stakeholders early on to design the event in a sustainable way from a social perspective.