Processing of attendance fees

  • Financial management
    Payments can be made in cash, by money transfer, debit card or credit card (online / on-site). Financial management for your event is subject to the special terms and conditions that apply to all transactions of the University of Vienna.
    The University of Vienna uses the PayUnity payment platform (SIX Payment services) to ensure safe handling of online payments; additionally, mobile banking terminals for both credit and debit card payments are available at the on-site registration desk.

  • Credit card fees
    In your financial planning, please allow for the cost of credit card transaction charges (discount rate fees) amounting to 2% of all credit card and debit card sales, which are usually borne by the organiser.

  • Billing and dunning processes
    • Issuance of invoices to attendees
    • Recording and monitoring of money flows
    • Checking and settlement of attendance fees
    • Dunning process: Monitoring of due dates and sending of reminders

  • Account management
    Support with the management of bank accounts and monitoring of payment transactions.

  • Regular reporting
    Reports on billing, payments and other aspects of finance are submitted at regular intervals.

  • Final financial report after the close of the conference
    A detailed financial report including all costs and charges will be submitted to you after the end of the conference.